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Nonlinear Output Regulation: Theory and Application

Jie Huang

"Jie Huang has been and continues to be one of the primary developers of the theory of nonlinear systems, including especially the theory of nonlinear output regulation. He developed a firm mathematical foundation for this field, and this book reflects the rigor and excitement of his primary research."
—Frank Lewis, University of Texas at Arlington.

"The topic of nonlinear output regulation is one of the most important and currently one of the most active research areas in control theory and applications. Jie Huang is one of the few leading researchers in this area, and the material covered is excellent and cohesive."
—Zongli Lin, University of Virginia.

This book provides a comprehensive and in-depth treatment of one of the most important control problems: the nonlinear output regulation problem. It contains up-to-date research results and algorithms and tools for approaching and solving the output regulation problem and other related problems, such as robust stabilization of nonlinear systems. The author also offers personal insights about solving the output regulation problem. Output regulation is a general mathematical formulation of many control problems encountered in daily life including cruise control of automobiles, landing and takeoff of aircraft, manipulation of robot arms, orbiting of satellites, and speed regulation of motors.

Nonlinear Output Regulation: Theory and Applications provides a self-contained treatment starting with an introduction to the linear output regulation problem and a review of the fundamental nonlinear control theory. The author's presentation strikes a balance between the theoretical foundation of the problem and the practical applications of the theory. The book is accompanied by many examples, including practical case studies with numerical simulations based on MATLAB /SIMULINK.

In addition to the time-tested results on the output regulation problem obtained over the past two decades by the author and other leading researchers in this field, the book highlights a newly developed general framework that converts the robust output regulation problem for a given nonlinear system into a robust stabilization problem for an augmented system. This general framework is based on the construction of nonlinear internal models and offers greater flexibility to incorporate recent new stabilization techniques, thus setting the stage for systematically tackling robust output regulation with global stability. This general framework has been successfully applied to solve the output regulation problem with global stability for several classes of important nonlinear problems.


Graduate students, professors, and researchers in applied mathematics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and aerospace engineering will find this book to be an informative and useful reference. It can be used in a graduate-level control systems course as well as by control design engineers in industry.


List of Figures; List of Tables; Notation; Preface; Chapter 1: Linear Output Regulation; Chapter 2: Introduction to Nonlinear Systems; Chapter 3: Nonlinear Output Regulation; Chapter 4: Approximation Method for the Nonlinear Output Regulation; Chapter 5: Nonlinear Robust Output Regulation; Chapter 6: From Output Regulation to Stabilization; Chapter 7: Global Robust Output Regulation; Chapter 8: Output Regulation for Singular Nonlinear Systems; Chapter 9: Output Regulation for Discrete-Time Nonlinear Systems; Notes and References; Appendix A: Kronecker Product and Sylvester Equation; Appendix B: ITAE Prototype Design; Bibliography; Index.

2004| xvi + 318 pages | Hardcover | ISBN 0-89871-562-8
List Price $78.00 | Member Price $54.60 | Order Code DC08

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