Ben's Mini Library System - Webrary

Webrary is a simple and economical personal web-based library system on a Linux platform. This sytem caters for the need of those who have a large collection of books, VCD and DVD titles to share with others, and have experienced losing tracks of their items. This system is very similar to those used by big institutions.

Users can search my Webrary by the following searching functions or list all records in my Webrary:

Author   Title   Author/Title   Subject   Call Number   ISBN/ISSN   List All

For owner or authorized user, i.e., me, Owner Login, a protected feature, can be utilized to add, delete, edit and monitor all book records. Another key function for owner is to list all checked-out records with the details of borrowers.

本图书馆现可接受中文查询 (in Internet Explorer)

作者   书名   作者+书名   科目   编号   标准书号   全部列出

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