MAE Seminars

MAE Seminars

Jun 25, 2015, Thursday

Mr. Joseph S. Elias Ph.D. Candidate Department of Chemistry Electrochemical Energy Laboratory Massachusetts Institute of Technology U.S.A

Mechanistic Studies and Design Descriptors for CO Oxidation Over Transition-Metal-Substituted CeO2 Nanoparticles

Jun 16, 2015, Tuesday

Prof. Shaojie Shen Assistant Professor Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Hong Kong

State Estimation and Trajectory Control for Autonomous Indoor Flight

Jun 3, 2015, Wednesday

Prof. Chih-Hsing Chu Professor Department of Industrial Engineering National Tsing Hua University Taiwan

Optimization of Spline-Constrained Tool Path Planning in 5-Axis Flank Milling of Ruled Surfaces

Apr 28, 2015, Tuesday

Prof. Dikai Liu Professor Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology University of Technology Sydney Australia

Field Robotics and Physical Human-Robot Interaction - Opportunities and Challenges

Apr 22, 2015, Wednesday

Dr. LAU Tat Ming Darwin Postdoctoral Fellow ISIR University Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris France

From the Analysis of Redundantly Actuated Musculoskeletal and Humanoid Robots towards the Study of Neuromuscular Robots

Apr 16, 2015, Thursday

Prof. Chen-Yuan Dong Distinguished Profess Department of Physics National Taiwan University Taiwan

Development and Applications of Multiphoton Microscopy in Biomedical Research

Apr 10, 2015, Friday

Prof. Gary G. Yen Regents Professor School of Electrical and Computer Engineering Oklahoma State University USA

State-Of-The-Art Evolutionary Algorithms for Many Objective Optimization

Apr 1, 2015, Wednesday

Prof. Maciej J. Ogorzalek Professor Department of Information Technologies Jagiellonian University Poland

Image Processing and Computational Intelligence Methods for Computer-Aided Skin Cancer Diagnosis

Apr 1, 2015, Wednesday

Dr. David Navarro-Alarcon Postdoctoral Fellow Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering The Chinese University of Hong Kong Hong Kong

Image-based Control of Mechanical Systems: From Soft Object Manipulation to Surgical Robotics

Mar 19, 2015, Thursday

Mr. Huanyu Cheng PhD Candidate Department of Mechanical Engineering Northwestern University US

Wearable Tattoo Electroics Capable of Dissolving in the Human Body

Mar 12, 2015, Thursday

Prof. F.L. Lewis Member, National Academy of Inventors Fellow IEEE, Fellow IFAC, Professional Engineer Texas USA Moncrief-O'Donnell Endowed Chair, Head, Advanced Controls & Sensors Group UTA Research Institute (UTARI), University of Texas at Arlington, US

Optimized Assistive Human-robot Interaction Using Reinforcement Learning

Feb 26, 2015, Thursday

Dr. Yongsheng Chen Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering The Pennsylvania State University, USA

Energy Technologies for Transport Systems

Feb 11, 2015, Wednesday

Mr. CHEN Chun PhD Candidate School of Mechanical Engineering Purdue University, USA

Indoor Environment and Energy- Efficient Buildings

Jan 19, 2015, Monday

Prof. Okyay Kaynak Professor UNESCO Chair on Mechatronics, Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey

Science, Technology and Industry in 21st Century

Dec 29, 2014, Monday

Prof. Peter T.C. So Professor Department of Mechanical and Biological Engineering Massachusetts Institute of Technology U.S.A.

High Throughput, High Content Microscopic Imaging for Neurobiological Systems

Dec 19, 2014, Friday

Prof. Donald C. Wunsch II The Mary K. Finley Missouri Distinguished Professor Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Missouri University of Science & Technology U.S.A

Results We've Seen and Results I Wish We've Seen in Reinforcement Learning

Dec 18, 2014, Thursday

Prof. Hiroshi Asanuma Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering Graduate School of Engineering Chiba University Chiba, Japan

Disaster Mitigation and Sustainable Engineering Based on Smart Materials and Structures

Dec 2, 2014, Tuesday

Prof. Qinglian Guo Associate Professor Kanazawa Institute of Technology Japan

Non-photorealistic Rendering Computer Graphics and Media Arts

Dec 1, 2014, Monday

Prof. Emily Whiting Department of Computer Science Dartmouth College U.S.A

Digital Fabrication: Designing with Physics in Mind

Nov 3, 2014, Monday

Prof. Weidong Zhu Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering University of Maryland U.S.A

Recent Advances in Dynamic System Research: From Vibration of Distributed Structural Systems to Vibration-based Damage Detection and Infinitely Variable Transmission

Nov 3, 2014, Monday

Prof. Charles P. Lin

Optical Techniques for Characterizing the Bone Marrow Microenvironment

Oct 28, 2014, Tuesday

Dr. Hye Ryung

Nanoscience for Lithium-Oxygen Batteries

Sep 4, 2014, Thursday

Prof. Kin Fong Lei Assistant Professor Graduate Institute of Medical Mechatronics Chang Gung University Taiwan

Impedimetric Quantification of Biological Substances in Microfluidic Systems

Aug 29, 2014, Friday

Prof. Frank K. TITTEL Josephine S. Abercrombie Professor Electrical Computer Engineering Rice University USA

Mid-infrared Semiconductor Laser Based Trace Gas Technologies: Recent Advances and Applications

Aug 12, 2014, Tuesday

Prof. LIANG Junrui Assistant Professor School of Information Scinence and Technology ShanghaiTech University China

Power Conversion Analysis and Optimization by Extending the Vision of Impedance

Aug 4, 2014, Monday

Prof. LI Wei

Agricultural Robots: Needs and Key Technology

May 22, 2013, Wednesday

Prof. F.L. Lewis

Adaptive Learning Structures for Real-Time Optimal Control and Graphical Games

May 2, 2013, Thursday

Prof. Jun Lou

Exploring Structure-Property-Application Relationship at the Nanoscale

Apr 16, 2013, Tuesday

Dr. Zhengchun Peng

Design and Development of Magnetic Lab-on-a-chip Systems and Massively Parallel Biomolecular Tweezers

Apr 8, 2013, Monday

Mr. Wei REN

Biofuel Combustion Study Using Laser Diagnostics in Shock Tubes

Apr 5, 2013, Friday

Prof. Jens Gobrecht

High Resolution Surface Nanopatterning and some Potential Applications

Apr 5, 2013, Friday

Dr. Kuan-Neng Chen

Three-Dimensional Integrated Circuits: Key Technologies and Research Achievements

Mar 25, 2013, Monday

Dr. Jun WEI

Beyond Traditional Joining and Manufacturing Technologies

Mar 22, 2013, Friday

Dr. Manny Halpern

Physical Ergonomics and Biomedical Engineering

Jan 24, 2013, Thursday

Prof. Minghua Chen

Energy Generation Scheduling in Microgrids

Jan 16, 2013, Wednesday

Dr. Yinan ZHANG

Manipulating Light at Wavelength-scale

Dec 13, 2012, Thursday

Prof. G. Kumar Venayagamoorthy

Computational Intelligence for Optimal Operation of Power and Energy Systems

Dec 3, 2012, Monday

Dr. WONG King-Lap

Recent Developments in Energy Research

Nov 30, 2012, Friday

Prof. Shwin-Chung Wong

Passive Thermal Management and Some of Its Energy-Related Applications

Nov 13, 2012, Tuesday

Prof. James Yang

Digital Human Modeling and Simulation

Nov 6, 2012, Tuesday

Dr. Hong LU

Semimetal/Semiconductor Nanostructured Composites and Their Applications

Nov 1, 2012, Thursday

Prof. Mats Leijon

Renewable Electric Power and Energy

Oct 24, 2012, Wednesday

Dr. WONG King-Lap

40 Years of Sustainable Energy Research

Aug 30, 2012, Thursday

Prof. GUO Zheng-Xiao

Materials Engineering for Clean Energy

Jul 12, 2012, Thursday

Prof. Yang Shao-Horn

Enabling Efficient Oxygen Electrocatalysis for Electrochemical Energy Storage

Jul 5, 2012, Thursday

Dr. WEN Dongsheng

Nanotechnology for Clean Energy Applications

Jun 11, 2012, Monday

Prof. CHOW Mo-Yuen

When Smart Grids Meet E-Transportations

Apr 5, 2012, Thursday

Dr. LAM Miu Ling (PhD, CUHK-ACAE, 2008)

Artist in Lab, Engineer in Studio

Apr 3, 2012, Tuesday

Ms. Yi-Chun LU

Fundamental Understanding and Catalyst Development of Rechargeable Li-Air Batteries

Mar 28, 2012, Wednesday

Dr. Yan YAO

Nanostructure Design for Efficient Energy Devices

Mar 22, 2012, Thursday

Prof. Paul Dalton

Additive Manufacturing and Electrospinning: Complex Materials for Medical Challenges

Mar 20, 2012, Tuesday

Dr. Tristan, Ruoli Dai

The Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) Based Human Body Motion Capture Technology

Mar 16, 2012, Friday

Dr. Zhongkui Li

Distributed Consensus and Tracking Control of Linear Multi-Agent Systems

Feb 27, 2012, Monday

Professor Amit Gefen

Deep Tissue Injury from Organ to Cell Scales: A Biomechanical Journey

Feb 21, 2012, Tuesday

Dr. Liming BIAN

Tailoring Cell Microenvironment Cues to Guide Mesenchymal Stem Cell Chondrogenesis for Engineering Cartilage Tissue

Feb 16, 2012, Thursday

Dr. Jeffrey T. Cheung

FROM SERENDIPITY TO SEA TEST: The Development of A Wave Energy Harvester for Marine Instrumentation Power Application

Feb 14, 2012, Tuesday

Prof. Chang-soo Han

State-of-the-art Robotics in Hanyang University and Korea

Jan 31, 2012, Tuesday

Dr. Yingyong Qi

Some Directions and Examples of Mobile Multimedia Research

Jan 31, 2012, Tuesday

Prof. Gershon Elber

Science Art Synergy - the CAD/CAM Way

Jan 18, 2012, Wednesday

Dr. Megan Yi-Ping Ho

Convergence of Nanophotonics and Microfluidics for Nanomedicine in Theranostics

Jan 17, 2012, Tuesday

Prof. Joal Voldman

Microscale Manipulation of Cells and Their Environment for Cell Sorting and Stem Cell Biology

Jan 16, 2012, Monday

Miss HAN Yu

Event-Triggered Output Feedback Control for Networked Control Systems Using Passivity

Jan 13, 2012, Friday

Mr. Ting-Hsuan Chen

Top-Down Engineering of Self-Organizing Biological Systems

Dec 19, 2011, Monday

Prof. Deyu Li

Manipulation of Energy and Mass Transport at Micro/Nanoscale for Engineering Applications

Dec 14, 2011, Wednesday

Prof. Reza Moheimani

High-Speed Atomic Force Microscopy: Scanner Design and Control Issues

Nov 10, 2011, Thursday

Prof. F.L. Lewis

Optimal Design for Cooperative Control Synchronization and Games on Comunication Graphs

Oct 17, 2011, Monday

Dr. Chiman Kwan

New Results in Image and Video Completion

Sep 26, 2011, Monday

Prof. Michio Sugeno

Piecewise Bilinear Modeling of A Nonlinear System and Its Application to the Design of A Looking-up Table Controller

Jul 29, 2011, Friday

Prof. Jingang Yi

Estimation, Sensing and Control of Tire/Road Interactions

Jul 6, 2011, Wednesday

Prof. Gary G. Yen

Faculty 20th Anniversary Distinguished Lecture: Cultural-Based Particle Swarm Optimization for Multiobjective Optimization and Performance Metrics Ensemble

Jun 17, 2011, Friday

Prof. Bj繪rn Solvang

Robot Programming, Control and Supervision at the Modern Shop-floor

Jun 1, 2011, Wednesday

Prof. Wei Ren

Distributed Control of Networked Multi-agent Systems: Algorithms and Applications

Mar 28, 2011, Monday

Prof. Peter Baranyi

Introduction to VirCA

Feb 11, 2011, Friday

Dr. Andrew Fung

Biomedical Nanotechnology for Therapeutics, Interrogation, and Diagnosis

Jan 21, 2011, Friday

Dr. Zhengchun Peng

Parallel Manipulation of Individual Magnetic Microbeads for Lab-on-a-Chip Applications

Jan 19, 2011, Wednesday

Prof. Okyay Kaynak

The Exhilarating Journey from Industrial Electronics to Industrial Informatics

Jan 13, 2011, Thursday

Dr. Winnie Chow

The NeuroProbes Project: Influence of Bio-coatings on Brain Micro Electrode Arrays

Dec 23, 2010, Thursday

Prof. Marina Vannucci

Bayesian Inference for Wavelet-based Modeling of Functional Data

Dec 16, 2010, Thursday

Dr. Liangjun Zhang

Efficient Motion Planning Algorithms and Their Applications

Dec 13, 2010, Monday

Prof. Arthur F.T. Mak

Biomechanics of Deep Tissue Injuries under Epidermal Loadings

Dec 9, 2010, Thursday

Prof. Xiaohu Guo

Centroidal Voronoi Tessellation on Parameterized Surfaces

Dec 6, 2010, Monday

Prof. Daizhan Cheng; and Prof. Yiguang Hong

Optimization vs. Nash Equilibrium; and Set Coordination Control of Multi-agent Systems

Nov 1, 2010, Monday

Prof. Albert Y. Tong

A Numerical Study on Capillarity-Dominant Free Surface and Interfacial Flows; and Information on Recruitment of Graduate Students for UTA

Oct 11, 2010, Monday

Dr. Shih-Chi CHEN

Creating the Next-Generation Small-scale Machines for Precision Engineering, Microscopy and Biomedical Applications

Aug 26, 2010, Thursday

Prof. Simon X. Yang

Intelligent Mobile Manipulation Robotic Systems for Harvesting Greenhouse Vegetables and Fruits

Jul 15, 2010, Thursday

Prof. Shengyuan Xu

Theory on Singular Systems

Jul 2, 2010, Friday

Prof. Yi-Chung Shu

Bandwidth Improvement through Synchronized Switch Mode Control in Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting

Jun 22, 2010, Tuesday

Prof. Michael Z. Q. Chen

Passive Mechanical Synthesis and Control

May 5, 2010, Wednesday

Dr. Haidong Yuan

Optimal Control of Quantum Systems

Apr 27, 2010, Tuesday

Prof. Andrew M. Wo

Microfluidic Devices for Cell-based Studies with Clinical Applications

Apr 19, 2010, Monday

Dr. Ni Zhao

Nanostructured Optoelectronics: New Device Concepts for Improved Efficiency and Widespread Utilization

Apr 14, 2010, Wednesday

Dr. Dongyan Xu

Metal-Semiconductor Nanocomposites for Thermoelectric Energy Conversion and Development of Ultra-Sensitive Fluidic Sensors

Apr 8, 2010, Thursday

Prof. Dinesh Manocha

Interactive Multi-Agent and Crowd Simulation

Mar 29, 2010, Monday

Prof. Ming C. Lin

Interactive Sound Rendering

Mar 26, 2010, Friday

Prof. Meng Tao

Photovoltaic Solar Cells: Bottlenecks and Our Approaches

Mar 24, 2010, Wednesday

Dr. Baoling Huang

Structural Metrics for High-Performance Thermoelectrics: From Bulk to Nano

Mar 22, 2010, Monday

Prof. Lu LIU

Recent Advance in Nonlinear Control and Its Applications

Jan 21, 2010, Thursday

Prof. F. L. Lewis

Distributed Adaptive Control for Synchronization of Unknown Nonlinear Networked Systems

Jan 21, 2010, Thursday

Professor Xinghuo Yu

On Discretization of Sliding Mode Control

Jan 18, 2010, Monday

Mr. Raymond H. W. Lam

Artificial Teeth: Dental Biofilm Analysis on a Chip

Jan 11, 2010, Monday

Prof. Kuniaki Dohda

Tribology in Multi Scale Metal Forming

Jan 6, 2010, Wednesday

Dr. Xiao Gaozhi, George

Micro Photonic Sensing Systems

Dec 9, 2009, Wednesday

Prof. Anthony Kuh

Renewable Energy and Island Sustainability (REIS) Program

Dec 7, 2009, Monday

Prof. Yu Sun

Vision-based Robotic Grasping and Manipulation under Uncertainty

Oct 22, 2009, Thursday

Prof. Zhi-Hong Guan

On Hybrid Dynamical Systems and Applications to Complex Systems and Complex Networks

IEEE Seminars

Jun 7, 2010, Monday

Prof. Panos J. Antsaklis

Model-Based and Intermittent Feedback Control over Networks

Feb 1, 2010, Monday

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Sergej Fatikow

Automated Robot-based Nanohandling

Dec 14, 2009, Monday

Prof. Roger Brockett

Optimal Control of Markov Decision Processes